Our Story

The term, “ten8,” comes from a special moment Kak Lee had with his mother.

Kak Lee, the founder of ten8, came to the United States with his family as a refugee.

English was rarely spoken at home; usually, his family talked in Hmong.

One day, his mother sat down and started counting with her fingers.

She said, “[In Hmong] If all of our family were together today, we would have [in English] ‘ten eight’ people.”

It was her way of trying to articulate outside an idea that was inside.

In fact, that is what she, Kak, and their family has had to become used to – creating familiarity in new environments.

Today, Kak pairs that with his M.F.A. in Film Production to make feature films, branded content, and all kinds of media.

He has been on location and in studio; proficient behind cameras and laptops.

Through ten8, Kak’s dream is to keep introducing new ideas, causes, and personalities in a way that makes a great impression and resonates with a community.